California Bento Box
California Bento Box  358 g

Assembly is required for this collection of items. Don’t be nervous, you know how to do this. Some time will pass, the bento box will empty and a smile will appear. You just had a moment!

Seafood Bento Box
Seafood Bento Box  370 g

Welcome to the temple. It is well organized, just like this bento box. Every compartment holds something tasty and different. If food has meaning make meals a ceremony.

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Seafood Combo  314 g

Our Seafood Combo with the popular California roll, salmon and shrimp is the cowboy of combos, and leans towards the west. Sadly, putting horns on the package was impractical.

Shrimp Lovers Combo
Shrimp Lovers Combo  346 g

Shrimp Lovers… you know who you are. Your time has come. This is a generous supply with your name on it. And hey, there is more where that came from. Call me ;)

Combo Rolls
Combo Rolls  384 g

Yup, we made it even bigger. Nope, we won’t apologize for it. Take your time. Pace yourself, and enjoy.

Rainbow Combo
Rainbow Combo  362 g

This edible rainbow is as delightful and tasty as you’d expect. After all, nutrients are concentrated in bright coloured food. So eat this rainbow. Stay away from those crayons though.

California and Shrimp Rolls
California and Shrimp Rolls  405 g

Historically fans of the flavour crab and shrimp waited at the docks for the day’s catch. Things are better now. Our fishermen have Twitter accounts. Fortunately, shrimp are still terrible typists.

Combo Rolls
Combo Rolls  250 g

This combo is for movie stars. It is paparazzi safe but made for a hollywood appetite and long days in front of a camera. Not a movie star? We can make an exception.

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Dragon Eye Combo  350 g

Dragon Eye Combo? Staring a dragon down sounds dangerous! In truth, we can’t guarantee your safety, but we will predict hearty approval. Your’s and the dragon’s

Vegetarian Combo
Vegetarian Combo  395 g

Here is something fresh and cool in so many ways. It may be better not to advertise how healthy and nutritious it is. Because… more Veggie Rolls for you!

Sushi Maki Tray
Sushi Maki Tray  480 g

First of all, what is sushi maki? It just means “roll”. This exceptionally tasty combo includes the spicy with the cool. They seem to disappear quickly? If you ever have to explain where they went—just say they rolled away.

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Assorted Sushi  540 g

Assorted Sushi—a tried and tested market favourite. You can rely on it for party or picnic or hostile takeover. Have one ready for the next investor meeting. We guarantee your stock will go up.

12\ Sushi Roll Tray
12\ Sushi Roll Tray"  1.5 kg

Sushi fans unite. The Sushi Roll Tray is our most popular sushi. Offer it to new friends and make more sushi fans. They will be eager to share with you. Congratulations, you have created a sushi pyramid scheme!

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18\ Sushi Roll Tray"  2.62 kg

Big and proud of it, our large Sushi Roll Tray will make the largest appetites happy. Dudes—we’re talking to you. It’s nice to have one stop shopping for Poker nights. I’ll see that dynamite roll and raise you 2 cucumber maki.

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12\ Nigiri Sushi Combo Tray"  1.28 kg

The Nigiri Sushi Combo makes a delicious Japanese centrepiece to a evening with friends. Chopsticks add authenticity and make cleanup a breeze. Unsurprisingly, cell phone use during dinner is forbidden by the Emperor.

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18\ Nigiri Sushi Combo Tray"  2.06 kg

Make no mistake, hosts are artists and Nigiri Sushi makes a beautiful presentation. Use your imagination and make it your own. You never know, your next gathering could be a masterpiece.

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Smoked Salmon and Shrimp  712 g

A Smoked Salmon and a Shrimp walk into a sushi bar.…we won’t lie, it doesn’t end well for them. However their loss is your gain. The dynamite rolls make the Smoked Salmon and Shrimp offering a special treat.

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California Rolls  712 g

Ah the classic California Roll. Universally loved. They can leave us with cravings at the oddest times. What will fill this California shaped hole? Look no further.

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Sushi Roll Tray  576 g

The Pacific Rim is well represented with this selection of California rolls and smoked and delicate salmon. East meets West and they get along very well. Rumour has it that when you’re close to the Sushi Roll Tray, you can sometimes hear the ocean.

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Sushi Party Tray  576 g

Parties are a lot of second guessing. Who likes what? If Susan’s coming we can we invite Garry? Where did the bottle opener go? Lighten your load. We’ve made decisions for you and produced the Sushi Party Tray. Everyone gets what they want. Everyone except Garry.

California Rolls
California Rolls  309 g

A specialty is the choice of loyal followers of flavour. Congratulations, your loyalty has been rewarded with a 10 roll salute.

Dynamite Shrimp Rolls
Dynamite Shrimp Rolls  328 g

Animal Groupings may described in unusual terms. An “exultation” of Skylarks for example. We propose that 12 Shrimp be a “delicious” of Shrimp.

California Rolls
California Rolls  411 g

There are very few problems in life that a little avocado can’t cure. The worlds best avocado delivery device is now at your disposal. Use it wisely.

California Rolls
California Rolls  256 g

These may not last long. You will miss them. We have trained counsellors on standby.

Brown Rice California Rolls
Brown Rice California Rolls  303 g

There’s no getting around it. A single bite will turn you into a hippie. Sorry, you may not have wanted to be a hippy… but there it is.

California Rolls
California Rolls  220 g

California Rolls are under threat from earthquake and require relocation. It’s time to step up, and offer your home.

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Mexican Combo  276 g

Say yes to the spicy and you will be rewarded with colour heat and flavour. Acquire the taste and there is no going back. Some downsides: food for “citizens” will taste bland—the cost of chihuahua parkas is high. You’re welcome?

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Spicy Seafood Combo  294 g

Now we’re talking. Some heat to melt sideburnscicles. That left arm’s moving again? Thank the Spicy Scallop Roll. Canada is food powered. Let’s fill the tank.

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Spicy California Rolls  294 g

“I wish they’re all spicy…california rolls” What a great song! Some bands seem to know what we like. Are they psychic? Have they done market research? Neither. They know what we like because they like it too.

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California and Shrimp Lovers Tray  500 g

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Family Pack  576 g

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Supreme Family Pack  690 g

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California Rolls  780 g

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Assorted Sushi Combo  620 g

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Smoked Salmon and Shrimp  850 g

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12\ Holiday Party Pack"  1.3 kg

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The Party Pack  1.3 kg

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12\ Holiday Season Tray"  910 g

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The Party Tray  910 g

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California Rolls  265 g