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 puts focus on a region. It’s a commitment to provide delicious food and well being to your own neighbours. This provides higher quality and responsiveness … unfortunately, to fewer people. But what if food was produced on a nodal and distributed network? Like the internet, but tastier.



 has a double meaning. We live in the city or country but our food almost always grows up in rural communities. It's worth celebrating. Canada is a country with a lot of country. Roots grow deep, and our food is the finest on the planet. Whether in a tower or a pasture, we're in our country – our country is in us.



 Tomatoes are world citizens. They care about warm sunshine, fresh water but not about borders or politics. Tuscany is a world away, but tastes of Tuscany emerge from our backyard. Negotiations between local and international cuisine were successful. Interests are fully aligned, and food is the world's best diplomat.



 The day is ending. Time to go home and appreciate priceless things. A few hours of friends and family. We get it. Value passes from the world, through country and landscape – and like snow, it collects at our doorstep. Things of value have always been close to home.






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